Barrel Aged Beer with a hint of bourbon?

The Old Way

The New Way

Spiritized Spirals™

Spiritized Spirals™

Whiskey Barrel-Aged beer without the barrels, without the wait.

Waiting for your beer to barrel age is costing you money. Waiting even longer for the next available batch of whiskey barrels to be emptied is lost opportunity to create new products. Perhaps more barrels are taking over valuable production space.

Introducing Spiritized Spirals™ by Innovative Oak, the most time and space efficient way to whiskey barrel-age beer. Spiritized Spirals™ come to you pre-soaked in a spirit or wine, shipped ready to drop into a tank. Just one pack of Spiritized Spirals™ will age 300 gallons of beer in a matter of days or weeks–not months or years–at a fraction of the cost of using used whiskey barrels.

Get you project started today. Contact us for more information on available woods and permeates. (320) 980-5374

Ready to use spiral-cut wood pre-soaked in spirit or wine

Choose a wood

Oak, Sugar Maple, Cypress, Spanish Cedar, Cherry

Choose Toasted or Charred

Choose Permeate

Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Cognac, Brandy, Tequila, Wine

One 4-ft long pack treats 300 gallons of beer

Super Fast
No Funk

TTB Approved